Finland Progress Users Group - seminaari

FinPUG 2010 - Making Modern Progress”

25. – 26.3.2010

Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel

Tallinna, Eesti

Matka Helsingin Länsisatamasta

 Key Speakers:

Gus Björklund, Wizard and Vice President, Technology, Progress Software, Bedford MA

Mike Fechner, IT consultant and Director Consultingwerk Ltd., Cologne, Germany


Gus Björklund is a geek who has been at Progress Software since 1989. Currently Vice President of Technology in the Corporate Strategy and Business Development group, over the years Gus has worked on many different parts of the OpenEdge product, starting with version 4.2N.

His main focus has been on the database. He believes that the OpenEdge RDBMS is “the best RDBMS on the third planet from the sun” and likes to use Linux and Mac OS X. While he has heard that there are other programming languages, he has strong affinity for the 4GL but still refuses to call it by its current name, the ABL.

Gus on Suomen kansalainen, joka on vieraillut aikaisemmin FinPUG-seminaareissa vuosina 1995 ja 2001.

Mike Fechner has over 15 year of international IT, business and consulting experience, and is equally effective in management and technical roles. Mike works as a self-employed IT consultant, and as the director of his founded company, Consultingwerk Ltd.

Mike is known for his attention to both detail and 'big picture' elements; excellent communication, analysis, and problem solving skills. He communicates in fluent spoken and written German and English and speaks a little bit of French.



Daniel Lar, 

Yonder IT Solutions

Daniel Lar has been working with Progress since 1996 in Yonder (formerly known as Nethrom), a company that became in the meantime one of the largest Progress software houses worldwide, employing more than 100 Progress specialists.

Currently Director of software development, Daniel has been responsible in the past 10 years for the delivery of projects to our international clients, many of them in the area of transformation of business applications.

Klaus Erichsen,


Klaus Erichsen is working with this lovely language since 1989 and collected experience in a lot of projects. The last years he spent most of his working time with database administration and system architecture. He holds DB admin courses, perform successful DB tuning and helps customers in case of DB emergency.

He has spoken at various conferences in Germany and in the Netherlands and Austria.

He is one of the founders of IAP.

Klaus de Vries,



Klaus de Vries has experience with OpenEdge since 1992. He has made a lot of OpenEdge projects and last 4 years he has been responsible for the OF-1 development.


He is one of the founders of IAP, which is one of the largest Progress consulting and solution offering companies in Germany.









Laiva lähtee Helsingistä, kokoontuminen ½ h aikaisemmin


Laiva saapuu Tallinnaan

12:30 – 14:00

Lounas + hotelliin kirjautuminen

14:00 – 15:00

Gus Björklund, Progress Software

OpenEdge Roadmap

In this talk we review the key features that can be found in the recently released OpenEdge 10.2B along with a roadmap that highlights of some of the key capabilities that you can expect to find in the next major release of the OpenEdge platform.

15:00 – 15:45

Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.

OpenEdge GUI for .NET Adoption and Migration Strategies

Part 1: General

The OpenEdge GUI for .NET has been developed with a number of compatibility features that allow various strategies to leverage the new UI capabilities with existing OpenEdge applications. This presentation will compare various possible strategies to adopt GUI for .NET.

15:45 – 16:15

FinPUG vuosikokous + kahvi

16:15 – 16:45

Daniel Lar, Yonder IT Solutions

Yonder Transformation Solution

Application transformation is the option that minimizes risks while preserving the value business logic. Application transformation brings to life modern applications on SOA architectures, realistic timelines and with maximum benefits.

16:45 – 17:30

Gus Björklund, Progress Software

The OpenEdge Schema Tables, Part 1

In this talk we describe the tables that comprise the OpenEdge database schema. These are the metadata tables that describe the logical and physical structure of a database. Topics include logical structure, physical structure, what schema tables exist, how they are related, how they are used, and example queries showing how to produce simple reports about the database.

17:30 – 18:15

Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.

Object orientation in the ABL: Capabilities and Features:

  • Comparison to procedural (classic) ABL programming
  • Comparison to C# (.NET) or Java programming
  • Adoption of OO on the GUI
  • Adoption of OO for business logic

Also wrap up some of the discussions on OOABL patterns and architectures and how they might apply to the ABL (for instance creating collections of objects or temp-tables/datasets to store data after retrieval from the database).

18:15 – 20:00

Vapaata ohjelmaa, mm.

  • MiniExpo
  • Juoksulenkki Piritaan ja takaisin, ohjastajina Teppo ja Jarmo
  • Kylpylä omalla kustannuksella



Perjantai 26.3.

7:00 – 9:00

Aamiainen, uloskirjaus

9:00 – 10:00

Gus Björklund, Progress Software

Practical Progress OpenEdge Database Internals

In this talk we look at selected OpenEdge database internals with a view to offering practical advice, knowledge, and tips to a Progress DBA. This talk is not just geeky insight into the workings of the database (though it will certainly have some of that). Our goal is enhancing the DBA's knowledge to optimize the DB and solve problems.

  • Understanding create/toss limits
  • Understanding records-per-block
  • Using rfutil aimage scan verbose to understand and troubleshoot fast growing BI files
  • Understanding the rules for BI cluster allocation and re-use

Understanding 'obscure' parameters such as pinshm, hash, etc.

10:00 – 11:00

Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.

OpenEdge GUI for .NET Adoption and Migration Strategies

Part 2: Practical examples

This presentation will focus on capabilities that will allow a seamless migration from the classic ABL GUI.

11:00 – 11:40

Klaus Erichsen and Klaus de Vries


OF-1 Object Framework 1

OF-1 is the reliable, high-performance and UI-independent "Full Lifecycle Development Environment" for OpenEdge.  Multi-UI, Multi-Platform, Cloud- and SaaS ready, but build with the practice in mind comes this programming platform with tons of features. See a short but stunning overview and get the idea how programming with OpenEdge could be if everything is integrated you need.




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